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Zero-Proof Party Pack

Zero-Proof Party Pack

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This is a lively mix for your next party. Featuring a diverse range of non-alcoholic beverages, each with its unique profile, it's perfect for guests who love exploring different flavors.

What's Inside:

  • MURI Yamile (1 bottle): A unique blend with soft red fruits and creamy smokiness, offering a refreshingly dry taste.
  • MURI Nuala (1 bottle): A cuvée of fermented blackcurrant piquette and kombucha, creating a juicy, fresh palate.
  • Ambijus Clearly Confused (1 bottle): A complex mix of ferments and botanical extracts, akin to an aromatic cider and orange wine.
  • Ambijus Real Fantasy (1 bottle): A full-bodied, spicy non-alcoholic red wine alternative with elderberry, raspberries, wild blueberries, and more.
  • REBELS Botanical Dry (1 bottle): A non-alcoholic gin alternative infused with a variety of botanicals.
  • Something & Nothing Cucumber & Yuzu (2 cans each): Cucumber adds a cool, refreshing note, while Yuzu brings a lively citrus zing.

The Recipe - 'Botanical Citrus Fizz':

  • Mix 50 ml REBELS Botanical Dry with Something & Nothing Cucumber or Yuzu.
  • Garnish with a citrus slice or cucumber.


Enjoy a diverse and exciting non-alcoholic experience with our bundle, ideal for crafting unique, flavor-rich mocktails at any party.

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