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Awesome Beverage Company

Zero-Proof Zest Bundle

Zero-Proof Zest Bundle

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  • Entrega em 1-3 dias úteis
  • Envios de Lisboa para Portugal Continental
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Welcome to Zero-Proof Zest Bundle, a tropical-inspired selection from Awesome Beverage Company. This bundle combines the spirit of the Caribbean with refreshing citrus and herbal notes, perfect for creating vibrant non-alcoholic cocktails.

What's Inside:

  • REBELS Rum Alternative (1 bottle): A non-alcoholic take on classic rum, offering rich and warm flavors.
  • Lemonaid Lime (2 bottles): Brings a zesty and tangy lime twist, enhancing the tropical notes.
  • ChariTea Green (2 bottles): Adds a refreshing and lightly brewed green tea element, perfect for balancing the zestiness.

The Recipe - 'Tropical Green Breeze':

  • Mix 50 ml REBELS Rum Alternative with equal parts Lemonaid Lime and ChariTea Green.
  • Serve over ice and garnish with a lime wedge or mint sprig.
  • Enjoy this refreshing mocktail that's a blend of tropical warmth and revitalizing green tea.

This bundle is your go-to for recreating the essence of island getaways in a non-alcoholic form. It's perfect for social gatherings, relaxed afternoons, or whenever you're in the mood for a refreshing, tropical beverage.

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