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Gnista - Red | Italian Style

Gnista - Red | Italian Style

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This delightful non-alcoholic alternative to red wine combines the richness of tannins and cherries with a hint of licorice and earthy spice. Its composition includes grape and sour cherry juices, enlivened with spices like oak, raisin, pepper, and wormwood, and subtly sweetened with beet syrup. Perfectly accompanying BBQs, tomato-based dishes, or red meats, it's also a joy to drink solo. Experience the robust, spice-forward character of Italian wine, in a non-alcoholic version tailored for the discerning, health-conscious drinker.
Ingredients: Juice (grape, sour cherry, cranberry), water, dried spices & fruits (oak, raisins, pepper, wormwood), beet syrup, extracts (licorice root, habanero), sea salt, preservatives, natural violet aroma.

Storage: ambient
Pairing: meat, cheese, veggies
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