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MURI Yamilé

MURI Yamilé

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Yamilé is an energetic, sparkling rosé cuvée of carbonic raspberry and gooseberry mead, lacto-fermented and smoked rhubarb, goldenrod, and pink peppercorn kefir, named after a Peruvian fermentation expert and Muri friend/collaborator, Yamilé. With a nose of overripe golden tomato and red fruit and a palate of salty smoke with gentle raspberry acidity, Yamilé rosé is a kaleidoscope of flavor. Yamilé can be used as a sparkling component in alcoholic or nonalcoholic cocktails.

Soft red fruits and creamy smokiness, with a delicate aromatic finish. Yamilé is refreshingly dry and approachable but with playful flavour complexities and vinous funkiness.
Ingredients: Carbonic raspberry and gooseberry mead, smoked lacto-fermented rhubarb, goldenrod and pink peppercorn kefir.
Storage: ambient
Pairing: fish, seafood, desert, smoked food
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