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Spirit-Free Flavor Journey Mix

Spirit-Free Flavor Journey Mix

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  • Entrega em 1-3 dias úteis
  • Envios de Lisboa para Portugal Continental
  • Entrega gratuita em encomendas superiores a 70 euros
  • Custo de entrega de 5 euros para encomendas inferiores a 70 euros

Welcome to a delightful pairing that brings together the richness of classic flavors with the zest of citrus. This bundle is thoughtfully designed for those who appreciate a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy notes in their non-alcoholic beverages.


What's included in this bundle:

  • REBELS Sweet Amaretti (1 bottle): Immerse yourself in the luxurious taste of Amaretti, captured beautifully in this non-alcoholic version. With its sweet, almond-like flavor, it's a nod to the cherished Italian tradition, offering a rich and satisfying experience.
  • Lemonaid Lime (4 bottles): To complement the indulgent sweetness of Amaretti, Lemonaid Lime introduces a refreshing and zesty dimension. Crafted with authentic lime juice, each bottle is a vibrant, citrusy delight, cutting through the sweetness with its lively tang.


Enjoy REBELS Sweet Amaretti and Lemonaid Lime in tandem for a balanced and invigorating drink experience. They can be savored individually to appreciate their distinct qualities or mixed together for an exciting mocktail adventure.

Perfect for those cozy evenings at home or for adding a special touch to social gatherings, this selection is sure to elevate your non-alcoholic drink repertoire with its charming blend of sweet and citrusy flavors.

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